Breakfast menu


Bialy´s – The bialy is not a sub-type of bagel, it’s a thing unto itself. Round with a depressed middle filled with cooked onions and sometimes poppy seeds, it is simply baked (bagels are boiled, then baked). This means its outside is matte, not shiny, and it doesn’t have that pull-away crust. Large puffy bubbles characterize the bialy’s innards. Though it can be slathered with butter or cream cheese (and topped with cured/smoked fish), purists prefer them straight up, preferably no more than five hours after being pulled from the oven.


Granola – we make our own Granola here in the shop with 7 simple ingredients.  No questions about what´s inside, just goodness.  Come and try a bit, you´ll like it!




Chia pots with Granola – We make a variety of Chia pots daily.  We use fresh fruits with either coconut or almond milk and Chia.  We add good things like Turmeric to the pot as well.  Ask how we spiced up our Chia today.


20184176_107017383297132_4230864522560143360_n  We have a variety of muffins/mini loaves available every day.  Please check the daily menu for flavours.   ** Vegan, GF, LF and Sugar free options are available.



Another best seller in the shop are our Vegetarian/Vegan snack options.  Energy Balls?  We´ve got them!  A Variety of flavours, all good, all the time.